7th Framework Programme
     Partners     04 May 2010


The REACT4C Consortium is composed of a total of 8 participants. One large research establishment (DLR), one industrial partner (Airbus), three universities (MMU, ULAQ, UREAD), one small research company (CICERO) and two service agencies (UKMO, EEC) constitute a well-balanced consortium, providing the expertise necessary for achieving the objective of the REACT4C project by completing the work plan. Larger redundancy in expertise or tools is only allocated in areas of larger uncertainty, e.g., in the field of atmospheric modelling where the uncertainty has a larger impact on the outcome of the flight planning procedure.

With respect to engine emissions Airbus receives support from Rolls-Royce, who is not participant of the current project, but provides advice. Additional gearing to the Consortium will be provided by those partners being involved in FP6 Coordination Action AERONET III for establishing efficient links to stakeholders. Four partners from REACT4C are involved in the Aeronautics Network of Excellence ECATS assuring involvement in relevant European research and initiatives.

Participant Acronym Country Logo
Deutsches Zentrum
für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Università degli Studi dell'Aquila ULAQ Italy
Airbus Operations SAS Airbus France
EUROCONTROL - European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation EEC
Senter for klimaforskning
Met Office UKMO United Kingdom
The University of Reading UREAD United Kingdom
Manchester Metropolitan University MMU United Kingdom