7th Framework Programme
     Achievements / Expert Panel     03 May 2010

REACT4C Expert Panel

As REACT4C will provide strategic important information on efficient flying with respect to fuel consumption, emissions and the climate impact of aviation, stakeholders need to be involved in the project. For this reason a specific Expert Panel will be established within the CP REACT4C. Main scope of this panel is to assure adequate consideration of stakeholder perspectives and to provide scientific/technical advice.

The Expert Panel includes representatives from an airline, from national regulators, European and/or international regulators, experts on development of transport, legislative experts, service agencies on ATM, and from international agencies concerned with aviation and meteorology. In addition to the advice on implementation and constraints from the perspective of the stakeholders outreach of the project results wil be fostered, as the members of the Expert Panel will act as conduits in the transfer of the project results to a wider community.

Meetings of the Expert Panel are flanked by technical seminars specifically designed to the needs of stakeholders, and technical papers, thematic papers, and position papers. Finally, in 2012 focus will be given on identifying possible obstacles for implementing such a newly developed procedure, and recommendations how to overcome them will be provided. A public outreach event as a REACT4C stakeholder seminar is scheduled in the third year.