7th Framework Programme
     Achievements / Recommendations     03 May 2010


As REACT4C will provide strategic important information on efficient flying with respect to fuel consumption, emissions and the climate impact of aviation, stakeholders need to be involved in the project. Hence, one important objective of REACT4C is to formulate recommendations on how to perform environmental flight planning.

In a first phase the current knowledge based on the background experience of the participants in REACT4C on reducing the environmental impact of aviation by ATM will be summarized such that requirements for the pre-design of a green aircraft can be formulated. In a later phase the knowledge obtained within the REACT4C project will be transferred into recommendations for future flight planning, i.e., in form of practical rules for the implementation of environmentally friendly flight routing. Remaining research gaps will be identified, and potential operational, economic and political obstacles in the path to environmental friendly flight routing will be addressed.