7th Framework Programme
     Mitigation Studies / Mitigation Gain     03 May 2010

Global mitigation gain

The total mitigation gain arising from environmental flight planning will be estimated on global and annual scale. Based on archetypical weather situations and individual gains from environmental flight planning (WP3) with the help of the occurrence frequencies of the selected weather situations total gain can be extrapolated.

Gain from environmental flight planning for individual archetypical situations

The emissions occurring during the optimised flights will be used to form emissions inventories. The impact of these emissions on the atmospheric composition (including aerosols) and the associated radiative forcings will be simulated by Chemisty Transport Models (CTMs) for the various selected weather situations. To this end the CTMs are forced by the meteorological data generated and analysed before. The output of these simulations serves to evaluate the mitigation gains obtained by environmental flight planning on the basis of the climate cost functions.

Simulating of contrail and contrail cirrus

Finally, the performance of the models with respect to simulating contrail and contrails cirrus and calculating the associated radiative forcings will be evaluated by means of analysing satellite data.