7th Framework Programme
     Mitigation Studies / Mitigation Studies     03 May 2010

Mitigation studies

With simplified mitigation studies, the environmental benefit of simplified air traffic management (ATM) measures will be quantified. General principles of environmentally-optimized flight for defined timescales and climate effects will be formulated.

For this purpose pseudo-emission inventories will be computed accounting for effects of simplified ATM measures on emissions and environment. A first set will be based on pre-existing knowledge about the spatial dependence of the climate impact of aircraft emissions. For example, flight levels will be shifted upward or downward globally or only for selected regions. A second set will incorporate our findings from other workpackages in REACT4C.

Using atmosphere general circulation models (GCMs), chemistry-transport models (CTMs) and chemistry climate models (CCMs), the impact of the mitigation possibilities from con-trails, particles and changes on the chemical composition of the atmosphere will be studied. Finally, the climate impact of the various ATM options manifested in the pseudo-inventories will be determined.